Oxbridge B.School Ranking (2012) Ranked 9th for Placement. Ranked 9th for Infrastructure. Ranked 10th Best B School In South India.

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Life at Oxbridge Group of Institutions

Life at Oxbridge is a totality of what a student life is. It goes beyond what is learned in the classrooms. Oxbridge is an energetic environment, designed to give one a pleasurable academic experience, with a preview of the actual professional experience the individual will face in the future. It includes activities such as sports and a series of cultural events to nurture not only the zest for winning, but more importantly, the spirit of participation and involvement.

At Oxbridge, we provide the atmosphere conducive for learning. It’s strategic location enhances focus among students. It is located in an area distant from commercial distractions to the students. It is accessible not only by private transport but also by public transport services. The infrastructure is one among the best. The classrooms are with multi-media audio/Video set-up, with a physical structure that is built taking into consideration visibility and noise reduction. The libraries are well sourced and up do date to keep the student abreast to the times. The Laboratories are well- equipped for the students to test their interest in the field.

The academic training is focused not only in scoring high but also nurturing the skills which will be a deciding factor in the professional life of the individual later on. We do not only train the students to be employees, but we train them to be future employers as well. Success is in the middle of the four walls of the classrooms and Labs.

Students from all walks of life can take advantage of this colorful academic journey. The portal of knowledge opens wide and embracing to anyone who wishes to carve their niche.

The Oxbridge beacons. For at Oxbridge, we help you cross your bridge.

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